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Waterproof Monitor Enclosure 

Waterproof Monitor Enclosure
  • UL94 V0 listed ABS with maximum UV dosage. Ideal for outdoor enclosures.

  • Fully sealed internally to insure no water ingress. 

  • Edge lit acrylic for striking appearance. 

  • Manufactured in 3 different colour variants. 

  • Robust.

  • 2-part construction allowing the 'back box' to be fitted to the wall first for installation. 

  • VESA mount to the rear.

Derived from inspiration from a previous case study, the design of this waterproof monitor enclosure was tailored to accommodate the specific component kit of our customer.

Crafted from UL94 V0 ABS, this enclosure serves as a control panel on top of their machinery. Ensuring water ingress prevention was a critical requirement, thus the interior of this custom ABS enclosure was meticulously sealed. A robotically applied gasket, coupled with internal sealant, provides a watertight environment.

Leveraging our digital printing capabilities, the customer capitalised on branding opportunities by incorporating their logo and other branding elements on the front face of the enclosure.

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Waterproof Monitor Enclosure



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