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Demonstration of Thick foam Gasket for IP sealing
Example of 2 different sized foam bead gaskets
Example of different shaped foam bead gasket
Gasket - The above examples demonstrate various gaskets utilised on our plastic panels. These gaskets are applied to the panels using robotic methods, with the 'Foam' securely adhering to the plastic. This serves as an effective solution to eliminate the need for separate 'O' rings and gasket sheets.

IP Rated Design - Our engineers have a wealth of experience in designing enclosures and products to suit different environments. IP ratings can be achieved by simply the way the enclosure or product is designed.   

Internal Seal - For enclosures looking to achieve IP65, we apply an additional ABS sealant to the joins on the inside of the enclosure, along with the gaskets achieving IP65

IP Rating

Internal or external custom enclosure, we can help you with your IP rating. We have inhouse processes which enable us to achieve up to IP67 on all of our enclosures.


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