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Examples of Custom Plastic Enclosures

Plastic Fabrication

Tired of using the same off the shelf boxes? Concerned about the expenses associated with a custom enclosure?

Our Plastic Fabrication process guarantees that creating custom plastic enclosures is both cost-effective and efficient. There's no need for expensive mould tools, no lengthy waiting periods, and all manufacturing takes place right here in the UK.

Ortumex concept design and development example

Our team of onsite engineers is readily available to design your custom plastic enclosure. They can work from a simple sketch on a piece of paper, a collection of components, or an existing design. The flexibility of our process allows for seamless design modifications, even during large-scale manufacturing. With a straightforward adjustment on our CAD CAM system, design changes can be implemented effortlessly.

Design & Development

We recognise the significance of a fully functional prototype. When you obtain a prototype from us, it will be an exact replica of what you can expect in a production run. This enables you to conduct compliance testing and provides a precise representation of your product's appearance before it goes into full-scale production. The best part is that the cost associated with all of these benefits is minimal.


iPad Kiosk enclosure

Volume Production

Volume manufacture of iPad Kiosk

The transition from prototype to production is smooth and hassle-free. Whether you require small quantities of 10 units or larger volume production quantities of 6000 units, we are equipped to handle your needs. We collaborate closely with you and customise delivery schedules to accommodate your specific requirements. As your manufacturing partner, your satisfaction is our top priority, and you would be hard-pressed to find a company that is as responsive and efficient in working with you as we are. 

Not just another moulded box


A design and prototyping phase that is flexible enough to allow change.   -   If it’s not working, you change it.


Test batches manufactured in flexible quantities and a wide range of stock materials.    Our prototypes are suitable for compliance testing.


Flexible production schedule, manufactured in low to high volume.   -   A schedule driven by you, the customer.


Designed and Manufactured in the UK.    That’s the whole process, all of it.


It’s the fastest, most flexible and cost-effective enclosure solution available to you.   -   All you have to do is call or email our design team.


All with NO tooling costs.    NONE

Additional Services

Compliment your custom enclosure with some of the additional services that we offer

Image showing branding printed to the front



Metalwork Chassis - Custom solution

IP Rating

Fabricated Panel with Gasket

Volume Manufacture

Example of Volume Manufacture
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