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Custom Electronics Enclosure 

Custom Electronics Enclosure

Features on this Custom Electronics Enclosure 

  • Manufactured in HB rated HIPS.

  • Bespoke venting to the side. 

  • Cost effective. 

  • Screwed base.

  • Internal PCB mounts with brass inserts. 

Looking for a sleek yet uncomplicated solution for your custom electronics enclosure? Our meticulously crafted design boasts distinctive features, making it an eye-catching addition to any desktop setup.

Personalise your custom electronics enclosure by engraving your logo on the top or utilising our digital printing services to make your brand shine. Choose from a variety of materials and colours available in our stock to suit your preferences.

Internally, we fabricate PCB fixings to fit your enclosure perfectly, ensuring that you never have to compromise on your components.

Equipped with rubber feet at the rear, this enclosure provides the ideal housing for your electronics.


Why settle for an off-the-shelf box when you can have your very own custom-designed enclosure at minimal costs?

Need assembly of your product too? We offer box build and full product development of your product. 

Additional services to compliment your Custom Electronics Enclosure 




Plastic Enclosure with Metal Chassis

IP Rating

Fabricated Panel with Gasket

Volume Manufacture

Volume Manufacture Example
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