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Concept and Detailed Design

Our engineers are available to conduct an initial consultation to discuss your product requirements and establish the development specifications. We offer comprehensive design analysis throughout the entire process, ensuring attention to detail at every step. 

Our team of engineers is well-equipped to handle a wide range of starting points for your custom enclosure or product journey. Whether you have a rough sketch on a fag packet or detailed engineering drawings, our engineers can add value and transform your concept into a market-ready and manufacturable product.


Design Consultation
Concept Design and Development example

We utilize 3D CAD software, making it incredibly convenient to present concepts and design ideas.

We understand that different clients have varying preferences and involvement levels. Whether you prefer to be actively engaged throughout the entire process or prefer to provide the initial brief and trust us to handle the rest, we are flexible and accommodating to your needs. This allows you to have peace of mind and alleviates any unnecessary stress.

Only at concept stage? Rest assured, we are just a phone call away, ready to provide valuable advice and assistance well before you reach the stage of producing a working prototype.

Medical Device Enclosures   |   Outdoor Electrical Enclosure   |   Wall Mounted Enclosures   |   Display Enclosures   
Din Rail Enclosures   |   Waterproof Monitor Enclosure   |   Robust Housings   

Electronic Contract Manufacturing   |   Medical Device Contract Manufacturer   |   Pneumatics Contract Manufacturer   |
Hydraulics Contract Manufacturer   |   Greentech   |   Telecommunications


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