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POS Shelf Display

Digital POS Shelf Display
  • Manufactured in UL94 V0 listed ABS

  • Wrapped with an oak effect veneer. 

  • x2 digital displays, fully wired by Ortumex.

  • Interactive tethers for wine bottles. 

  • Reinforced plastic structure using metal struts. 

  • Mobile wheeled solution. 

  • Rear channel down the back for full wiring of the product. 

With a towering height of 2.5m, this plastic fabricated POS Shelf Display showcases that size is not a limiting factor. Our advanced CNC machines boast bed sizes of up to 3m in length, granting us the capability to offer customised solutions of any size.

A prominent supermarket chain approached us to design and manufacture a digital POS display specifically for wine and champagne.


This interactive digital experience allows customers to approach the display, select wine bottles, and receive background information on each specific wine. The system incorporates intelligence that enables the supermarket to gather data on customer interest in different bottles and even collect feedback. Individual compartments at the bottom of the display house the wine bottles for customers to conveniently take away.


We were presented with a strict set of requirements, placing a strong emphasis on system health and safety. These requirements included multiple tip tests, weight constraints, and ensuring the display seamlessly integrated with other furniture pieces within the shop.

Our team meticulously wired and tested the product, delivering a comprehensive solution to our customer.


By manufacturing the unit using plastic, we provided our customer with an optimal solution. The lightweight nature of plastic, coupled with its stain-resistant properties that allow for easy clean-up of spilled wine, made it a perfect choice. Additionally, our UL94 V0 ABS material was highly desirable due to its V0 fire rating.

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