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Electronic Housing

Electronics Casing
  • Manufactured in HB rated HIPS.

  • Cut-outs to the sides of the enclosure. 

  • Cost effective. 

  • Screwed lid for access.

  • Internal PCB mounts with brass inserts. 

This compact electronic housing was specifically tailored to accommodate our customer's PCB, featuring precisely aligned hole cut-outs at both ends to match the PCB outputs flawlessly. The inclusion of multiple side hole cut-outs allows convenient access for cable terminal release using a screwdriver.

Considering the high volume production of this enclosure, cost-effectiveness was a key factor in the design process to ensure its market viability.


For easy assembly, the case incorporates internal PCB mounts with threaded brass inserts. This simplifies the integration of the PCB into the enclosure. Furthermore, our customer took full advantage of the lid's surface for complete product branding using our digital printing capabilities. (This has been hidden)

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