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Control Panel Enclosure 

Control Panel Enclosure

Within a swift timeframe of only 2 days, our team successfully designed and manufactured a fully functional prototype. The urgency was driven by the importance of providing our customer with a working prototype to present to their client promptly.


This control panel enclosure serves as a control panel for a medical device, specifically a drugs dispensing cart. It incorporates a user interface and a comprehensive set of controls for seamless operation.


Considering the environment in which it will be deployed and the potential for rough handling, the customer emphasised the need for robustness. To meet this requirement, we crafted the enclosure using 6mm thick HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) material, ensuring complete protection for the internal components. The case features fixing points at the rear, allowing for a sleeve to be fitted, enabling the user to securely tighten it into position on the post.

  • Manufactured in HB rated HIPS.

  • User Interface to the front.

  • Robust construction.

  • Screwed base for access. 

  • Internal PCB mounts with brass inserts. 

  • Fixings to the rear for a pole sleeve. 

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