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Outdoor EV Charger Enclosure 

Enclosure for EV charger
  • UL94 V0 listed ABS with maximum UV dosage. Ideal for outdoor enclosures.

  • Fully sealed internally to insure no water ingress. 

  • Face and edge lit acrylic for striking appearance. 

  • Manufactured in 4 different colour variants. 

  • Robust.

  • 2-part construction allowing the 'back box' to be fitted to the wall first for installation. 

The design of this Outdoor EV Charger enclosure prioritised aesthetics, resulting in a striking appearance. The incorporation of acrylic windows shaped like their logo, accompanied by an edge-lit surround, creates a truly distinctive look when mounted on the wall.

Additionally, a smaller back section was included to facilitate tidy cable storage when not in use. We collaborated closely with the customer from the initial stages, guiding them from their early beginnings to becoming a prominent player in the EV sector.

Establishing a strong partnership was crucial, and we supported their rapid and assertive market expansion strategy, ensuring they could swiftly and effectively penetrate the market.

Additional Services

Image showing branding printed to the front



Metalwork Chassis - Custom solution

IP Rating

Fabricated Panel with Gasket

Volume Manufacture

Example of Volume Manufacture
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