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Digital medial shelf - demonstrating metalwork chassis
Custom Plastic enclosure with metal chassis
Fabricated LCD enclosure with metal chassis
Sometimes a plastic enclosure needs that added extra robustness designed into it due to size, or sheer weight being fixed to it. At Ortumex we have engineers whose previous experience has been within metal fabrication, so have all the experience required to design in and manufacture metal chassis or components into your solution. Being able to offer this as a solution really solidifies our stance as a 1 stop manufacturing partner.

Whether you require milling, turning, fabrication, or stainless steel work, we can provide a comprehensive range of services. Our engineers possess extensive training and experience in machine building and metal fabrication. By leveraging this expertise along with our plastic fabrication capabilities, we are able to offer you a complete solution to meet your needs.

Looking for just shielding to the plastic enclosure? We can spray the insides of the plastic with either a nickel or copper spray, shielding you components inside from RFI. 


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