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Wall Mount Enclosure for Electronics 

Wall Mount Enclosure for Electronics

This wall mount enclosure for electronics is designed and is manufactured using 6mm thick UL94 V0 Listed ABS material, ensuring durability and the ability to support the weight of components housed inside. In the case of this specific enclosure, it served as a high voltage isolation unit for pilot cables, making the V0 rating crucial.


The enclosure features a removable lid, allowing easy access to the internals even when the unit is wall mounted. Drain holes are strategically positioned in the four corners of the bottom face, and internally there are brass inserts for securing the PCB.


Finding a standard enclosure that met their requirements proved difficult, the customer opted for a custom-designed and manufactured solution that perfectly suited their components. In fact, they were so pleased with the process and outcome that they have transitioned five other products to plastic fabrication as well.

  • Manufactured in HB Rated HIPS.

  • Screen printed cut-outs to the front.

  • Removable clip-on base.

  • Rubber feet to the base.

  • Slide and clip PCB function.

  • Screwless design.

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