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Custom Electrical Cabinet

Custom Electical Cabinet

Features on this Custom Electrical Cabinet

  • Manufactured in UL94 V0 listed ABS.

  • Screwed or hinged lid.

  • Internal Din rail mounts. 

  • Blind keyhole fixings to the back. 

  • Fully sealed internally. 

  • Gasket to the opening upon request.

  • Acrylic window to the front 

This Custom Electrical Cabinet has been designed and manufactured as part of a bespoke range of enclosures for our customer. As far as Custom Wall Boxes go, this has to be one of the most eye catching. 

An acrylic window to the front gives visibility to our custom DIN rail enclosures inside, ensuring the user can record information without having to open the box. 


A unique threaded brass gland plate to the underside ensures that the glands are earthed when fixed, drastically decreasing the install time of the cabinet.


These cabinets have transformed our customers offering and having brand visibility throughout their product range ensures they stand out in their market. 

Need your Custom Electrical Cabinet fully wired? We offer the full product development and box build as one of the leading UK contract manufacturers.

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