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Having a single supply route for all your product development and manufacturing needs can be extremely beneficial. Our extensive range of processes and services allows you to have precisely that convenience.

We take pride in being the most responsive, efficient, and affordable manufacturer of custom plastic enclosures in the UK. This accomplishment is made possible by having all the necessary resources conveniently located in one place, right at your doorstep.


Plastic Fabrication

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Example of an EV charger manufactured by Ortumex

Contract Manufacturing

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Concept & Detailed Design

Ortumex Concept Design Image

Fully Working Prototype

Background image - Ortumex Logo
Example of a custom fabricated iPad Kiosk

Volume Manufacture

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Image showing volume manufacture of iPad Kiosk

Ip Rated Gaskets

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Plastic fabrication panel with a foam bead gasket - IP rating

Your 'one stop' manufacturing partner!

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