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Ortumex offer a range of services to help you find the right solution. Below is a brief description of each one, get in contact to find out more and see how we can help you.

Concept and Detailed Design

Design Image.png

Our engineers work from  2D and 3D CAD CAM software allowing maximum flexibility with your design. We can work from a bundle of components to fully engineered drawings if you are further down the line with your design. 

Any changes to your enclosure during your products lifespan are easily incorporated, we are acutely aware of the costs involved in mould tool alterations.


We can produce a fully functioning prototype for each of your new enclosure designs. The prototype will reflect your design at various stages, final iterations can be utilised in your compliance testing and build procedure process.

Custom Plastic Enclosures

Render 2_edited.png

We manufacture custom plastic enclosure solutions, all with our 'no tooling' process. This enables our customers to have their own unique product enclosure with minimal development costs. 


We can design from a bundle of components, or if you are further down the line, take your concept and turn it into a fully functioning enclosure solution. 

Volume Manufacture 

Volujme Production.23.png

Take advantage of our systems flexibility to ‘scale up’ seamlessly into volume manufacture.


You can place ‘call off’ orders with schedules to suit your manufacturing programmes, securing material supplies and fixing costs.

Full Product Assembly and Design

At Ortumex, we provide the full product development experience ensuring you have the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers eradicated.

We bring 40 years of experience in pneumatic, mechanical, electronics and electrical assembly. Our Design and senior management team operate in the Biotechnology, Medical, Industrial and Device Management fields.

Digital & Screen Printing

Render 2_edited.png

Fully brand your enclosure solution utilising our digital and screen printing capabilities.

We can print anything from simple text artwork, to full photo images directly onto your plastic enclosure.

This cost effective process really stands your product out from the rest.

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