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Volume Manufacture

Due to the nature of the process, it lends itself to low, medium and high volume production orders.  Anywhere from small batches of 10 off, up to monthly call offs of 5-6000 units
As your manufacturing partner, we will work with you on lead-times, call offs and monthly demands.


Volume manufacture of drugs dispensing cart

Require modifications after production has commenced? No worries! As we utilise a mould-free process, making changes can be accomplished with just a few clicks. Just as your components evolve alongside your product, your custom plastic enclosure can easily adapt as well. It's as simple as that!

Flexible call offs - Our production team is dedicated to accommodating your demands within our schedule. If it requires putting on a night shift to help secure an order, we are willing to do so. Our team is flexible, allowing our production schedule to adapt accordingly.


In a world where extended lead times have become commonplace, we are committed to investing in capacity to minimise them. We recognise the importance of timely delivery and strive to ensure that lead times are kept to a minimum by continually expanding our capabilities.

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