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Custom PCB Enclosure 

Custom PCB Enclosure

Features on this Custom PCB Enclosure

  • Manufactured in HB Rated HIPS.

  • Screen printed cut-outs to the front.

  • Removable clip-on base.

  • Rubber feet to the base.

  • Slide and clip PCB function.

  • Screwless design.

This compact Custom PCB Enclosure is manufactured from HIPS material. It is specifically designed to accommodate the customer's  PCB, featuring output cut-outs at the front. Leveraging our screen printing service, each cut-out is labelled, providing clear installation visuals.


Notably, this Custom PCB Enclosure incorporates a distinctive clip-on base that eliminates the need for screws altogether. The base also includes four rubber feet and two keyhole slots, offering users the flexibility to mount the product on a desk or wall.


Internally, this custom PCB enclosure utilises a slide and clip mechanism to securely fix the PCB without the use of screws, resulting in a completely screwless solution.


By adapting this PCB enclosure to fit various PCBs, we provided the customer with a product family that is uniquely tailored to their needs, ensuring they stand out in a competitive market.

Need your Custom PCB Enclosure fully assembled? We offer box build services giving you a one stop solution. 

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