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Monitor Enclosure

Monitor Enclosure
  • Manufactured in UL94 V0 Listed ABS.

  • User Interface to the front.

  • Panel mount construction.

  • 3-part construction for ease of assembly.

  • cut-outs to the rear to suit PCB.

  • Modular design. 

This compact enclosure serves as a housing for a small 5-inch screen at the front, with corresponding cut-outs at the back that match the outputs of the internal PCB. Its assembly is made easy by the three-part construction, and there are cut-outs on both sides for panel mount clips.


The enclosure is crafted from UL94 V0 Listed ABS material, which grants it the desired fire rating. Its modular design allows the customer to conveniently swap out different display bezels and backs to accommodate various PCBs that fit inside.


By producing these enclosures in batches of 300, we ensure that our customer receives a tailored solution that perfectly matches their set of components, all at an affordable price.

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