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iPad Kiosk

Floor Standing iPad Kiosk
  • Manufactured in HB Rated HIPS.

  • User Interface to the front.

  • Light yet robust construction.

  • Removable back for internal access and servicing.  

  • Height adjustable feet. 

  • Tether point to the underside.

  • Keylock access to the rear for quick access. 

This iPad kiosk was initially developed for hospitals, serving as a user interface for appointment sign-ins. However, our customer's success in various markets prompted them to request additional black and grey variants.

To streamline the supply chain, our team handled the complete manufacturing process, offering our customer shortened supply routes. The design of the kiosk is modular, granting the customer the flexibility to incorporate a 24-inch monitor and a surrounding frame, thereby maximising the product's capabilities.



Constructed from HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene), the kiosk offers a lightweight and portable solution, allowing easy mobility within hospital premises. Tether points are integrated on the underside of the kiosk, providing the end user with confidence in safe and secure deployment, regardless of the location.

Additional Services

Waterproof Monitor Enclosure



Plastic Enclosure with Metal Chassis

IP Rating

Fabricated Plastic Panel with Gakset

Volume Manufacture

Volume Manufacture Example
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