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UV-C Charging Cart

Ortumex are proud to present our revolutionary iPad USB-C Charging Trolley With UV-C Disinfection.

A multifunctional cart utilising state of the art disinfection technology coupled with USB-c charging outlets for 20 iPads. 

UV Cart
UV Charging Cart

​Key Features 

  • 20 x Built-in USB-C charging outlets – 60W max per USB-C outlet

  • Secure, three point locking with 270 degree, magnetically retained doors.

  • UVC safety with a category 4 safety relay, built in redundancy monitoring the contactless door switches. 

  • Built in UVC air purifiers that eliminate device contamination and are capable of recirculating & disinfecting the rooms air while charging the devices.

  • Single button operation with status indication.

  • Lamp life monitoring with end-of-life cycle indication.

  • Power management of charge and disinfection cycles.

USB-C Charging Trolley with UV-C Disinfection

        The worlds first UVC disinfection charging trolley that’s been specifically designed from the start to optimise device spacing within the trolley for clinical device disinfection results.

    It’s NOT just a ‘UVC lamp’ placed above a charging shelf !

Air Purifying Cart

UVC Air Purifiers

  • Located on either side of the trolley are two fully enclosed UVC forced air purifiers.

  • The ambient air is brought into the system via side channel blowers, forced up through the ducting, down across the UVC tubes and through the aluminium baffle plates to increase the contact time.

  • The processed UVC air is used to cool the internal charging sections via the base mounted ducting outlets underneath the devices.

  • The clean air flows across the devices, eliminating contamination and then exits out the rear of the trolley.

  • Room air-change circulation is performed multiple times while charging the devices, killing any germs or viruses contained within the ambient air.

iPad Charging Cart

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Trading Address

UK Manufactured

2,4,6 Kelvin Place
Stephenson Way
IP24 3RR

Company Number: 12856149 

VAT / EORI Number: GB 361425612(000)  

  • Chromebook Charging Station

  • iPad Charging Station.

  • Antibacterial Plastic Charging Station

  • IEC Power outlet 

  • Dual locking doors with 3 point locks 

  • Fold around doors 

  • Rear Access to UV-c Lamps 

  • Air purification 

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